About Us

Driver revolution began from a realization that the hugely profitable idea of ridesharing (good) is dominated by a money hungry oligopoly(bad). We can see through the opaque and patronizing help lines that all drivers must endure to get problems solved. In all of the template based replies to your genuine concerns as a driver, very rarely does the driver get a truly satisfactory resolution. We have driven, we have been at the receiving end of wordy non-genuine response from the platforms, we have been at the mercy of the companies deciding whether or not we are entitled to all of our hard earned money. We will empower the driver, we will give into fairness not greed, we will keep a living wage for you the hard working driver from now into the foreseeable future. We are here now because we have literally been in the driver’s seat. The management of Driver Revolution is transparent and will be an open book to you the owners in decisions, compensation, and resolution. We will respect and unshackle the driver, we will not be disrupted, we will disrupt.